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In August 2017, our recreated device became a “Best Seller in Consoles” at Amazon.co.uk ( Tap here to read the Press Release)

Consequently, we’ve embarked on an equity funding round. (Register (below) to receive the document - Proposed Use of Funds.)

We’ve prepared a simple pitch deck, which outlines the opportunity to potential funders. (Tap here to read the document - Pitch Deck.)

Most recently, we’ve appointed financial journalist, Lisa Walls-Hester to help us get our story out to the financial press and where appropriate, to make introductions to potential funders.

If you'd like to know more, Register here. Once you've registered we’ll keep you advised of our progress.

In the interim, if you have any comments or questions about any of this, Contact Us .

Steve Wilcox - Director & Co-founder, Elite Systems Ltd. Established in England in 1984. Company #01840901.


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The #1 Selling Recreated Device Amazon Best Sellers in Consoles